OCLEPC takes planning into schools

“We’re hoping the students go home and start talking with their family members about emergency planning. The students were also given information about how to prepare for an emergency. “The kits have basic items for emergencies. We want them to be aware of items needed for families in a situation. We want them to practice their emergency plans. They need to practice instead of waiting for an emergency to happen.”Hodges said she wants families to be mindful that an emergency can be a house fire,
cards against humanity for sale, freezing temperatures or heavy rains with flash flooding like the 2006 Alamogordo flood.”It can be a plan of escape during a house fire,” she said. “Families need to plan for the escape and where the rendezvous point is. They talk about if they have to leave in a storm what they would bring. Children need to know that they can’t go running after their pets. They need to realize that their safety and life is most important in an emergency situation.”The Plans for Packs presentation has been done in Cloudcroft schools. “We’re trying to do any and every school in Otero County that has fourth graders. Home schooled students need to contact me. We’re doing it under the umbrella of the Otero County Local Emergency Planning Committee. We’re using first responders and OCLEPC members to do the presentation.”Hodges said she believes the devastation plaguing the south is an example of being ready for an emergency situation.”When we started the presentation,
where can you get cards against humanity, we were just coming off the February storms,
cards for humanity game,” she said. “The big snow storm was still in a lot of their minds. Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management gave the information booklet and kits to the OCLEPC managers to distribute to fourth graders in Otero County.”For more information about the presentation,
humanity game, contact Sharon Hodges at 439 1367 ext. 126.

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