Materials for Making Plastic Worms

Molds for plastic worms are made from many materials. A simple mold can be made at home using plaster of Paris or 100 percent silicone caulk. Making a mold is easy, just glue the original of your worm to a flat surface, such as a piece of glass, and make an open box around it. Place the walls of your box about 1 inch away from the worm you’re molding and hot glue them in place. Coat the inside of the walls, the worm and the flat surface with a release agent, such as spray cooking oil. A light touch is important here, you don’t want to create a texture with the release agent. When the plaster or silicone is cure, remove the walls and flat surface to expose the mold. Clean up any excess mold material that has seeped between the worm you’re molding and the glass. Wait 24 hours to allow the mold to fully cure before using it.

Molds can also be purchased commercially. Mold makers offer many different types of worm and grub molds in both silicone and aluminum models.

A very popular bait for the past few years has been the Yamamoto Senko. This worm doesn’t look like a traditional plastic worm; it’s stick like and has no tail. What it does have is salt impregnation. Worm makers before Gary Yamamoto knew that salt was a major attractor of bass, but he was the first to successfully put the salt inside the plastic. Worm makers, including home worm making hobbyists, now add salt on a regularly. Be aware that salt affects worm durability as well as weight and color. Experiment with the combination of salt and dye to achieve the color you are looking for. The salt for worm making is extremely fine to help keep it in suspension. It can be purchased wherever worm plastic is sold.

There is almost no limit to the number of colors that can be blended into plastic worms. Dyes are available especially for worm making. There are many base colors, all of which can be blended to make custom colors. This is an area where where you need to keep extremely good records so you’ll be able to reproduce the color in the future.

Glitters are small flakes of material that are added to the melted plastic. Many different sized flakes and colors are available, but all must be very well mixed into the plastic to achieve uniformity.

Scents are oils that are added to the plastic,
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Softeners and hardeners are chemicals that are added to the plastic to alter its properties. A little goes a very long way, so be careful using them. Generally, soft worms have more action, but are more quickly destroyed by striking fish. Harder worms last longer, but have much less action.

How to Make Plastic Worm Molds

Making your own plastic worms adds to the enjoyment of the hobby of fishing because there nothing quite like catching a fish.

How to Make Homemade Plastic Worms

One advantage of using plastic worms is you can reuse the same bait many times without having to visit your local bait.

Materials to Make a Worm Farm

Worm Farming Supplies Tools. Worm Farming Supplies Tools. . Making a worm farm using a salvaged bathtub represents a triple.

How to Hook Plastic Worms

Plastic worms are a great bait. According to the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (BASS) these baits have won more bass fishing tournaments.

How to Repair Used Soft Plastic Worms

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How to Make a Soft Plastic Mold

Making your own plastic worms adds to the enjoyment of the hobby of . Mold on the soft top of a convertible.

How to Make My Own Plastic Bass Lure Kits

Select a soft plastic worm to include in the bait kit that is 5 to 7 inches in length. Choose a black,
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Trophy bass are often caught with plastic worms,
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The soft plastic material of the bait body gives it a very realistic look as it moves . In order to put.

Worm Farming Supplies Tools

Worm Farming Supplies Tools. . you need three plastic tubs two opaque 8 to 10 gallon storage boxes,
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Do it Yourself Worm Farming

Supplies Needed. Select a container based upon how large you want your worm farm to be. For small worm farms you can.

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