Letters to the Editor for May 12

So, am I reading this right? Rob Ford is at a fantasy football camp, working out and calling the folks in Ford Nation. If only he known it would be so enjoyable, I sure he would have gone a long time ago.(Poor Ford. Even his rehab is turning into a joke.)Your editors give me a lot of fun. I suppose cretins are allowed to have an opinion and you publish them to give me a laugh. is derived from the fact that young women who were infected with cowpox didn get smallpox and die. Consequently we eradicated that disease. Klatzel would like to visit a lab where they still have that smallpox virus and test his theories. At the same time, this moron doesn hold a candle to the one who wanted us to go to war to expel the Russians from Crimea. Oh yeah, I love to live (for a short time, obviously) in a radioactive waste! Keep the laughs coming!

James Currie

(Not everyone opinion is the same as yours. If that makes you laugh,
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Now we trying to put our teachers under more stress. That not logical. If one part of our respected public servants is to be reviewed frequently, then it must be all. That means city council and the people there who think up these ridiculous,
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personalized cards against humanity?, lawyers, nurses, real estate agents and so on. Anyone with degrees or accreditation who assist people in any way need to have an eye kept on them, most definitely these argumentative councillors, MLAs and MPs who criticize everything and everyone else but have no solutions to present.

Can someone please explain to me what the Alberta labour board is good for? I recently was hired and worked two weeks for a trucking company and the owner refused to pay me because I wasn an company. This was never agreed upon. So after arguing with the owner for 10 days I phone the board only to hear, You have a strong case and are welcome to file a complaint. I ask, long till you contact him? labour board agent says, will take about 12 weeks for your case to get looked at. I say what? Agent says, you don want to wait that long maybe small claims court would be a little faster. (Bring Cash) for a guide. Out there, they have it down to a science on how to charge tolls or taxes or surcharges to overcharge for everything to grab, grab,
where can you get cards against humanity, grab, every nickel they can. An example is the Coquihalla Hwy. which had a toll to pay for its construction. It was another 15 years after it was paid for that the tolls finally came off. Why? because, you guessed it: a great cow to keep the money rolling in.

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